Kelly E. Horton


Kelly has the infectious way of making you happy. He is abundantly successful in producing his client’s desired results.
After six years with the Army Corps of Engineers and one tour in Iraq, Kelly turned his attention to customer service in the home damage restoration industry. Helping people in times of great stress and difficult decisions; Kelly excelled at helping people to make informed decisions when it mattered most.

After years of one on one customer service with homeowners, contractors and tradesmen alike, Kelly decided to take the skills he had learned and his desire to help people and plunge into the world of Real Estate. With an intimate knowledge of home remodeling and restoration, combined with a desire to help people and help bring their dreams to fruition, Kelly leaves homeowners and would be homeowners with a strong feeling knowing that they made the right decision using him as a Realtor. With a wealth of knowledge of the local and tri-county areas and new home development, Kelly uses his contacts and knowledge to makes dreams come true.

“A mind is like a parachute; it only works when its open.”


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