Ahmer Sherjil

Ahmer is a dedicated professional who strongly believes in meeting customers’ desires and needs in order to be successful. Ahmer’s exposure to different cultures has conditioned him to respect and do his part to preserve the sanctity of our world, which makes him an excellent candidate to represent and caterer to diverse and distinguished clientele. With his caring yet polite personality, lifetime friendship is inevitable!
“Ahmer Sherjil strives for customer satisfaction. A Veteran of IT industry, Ahmer has transferred his professional skills to benefit the real estate industry. He is also a veteran of US armed forces, having served in the United States Navy during the Gulf War, which has taught him, discipline, integrity and attention to detail.
In his leisure, Ahmer enjoys outdoors with his daughter and loves to travel.

Contact Ahmer Sherjil

Head office (916) 542-1542
Mobile (925) 705-3391
Fax (916) 880-3329
Email Ahmer@FHARE.com